The quality of Nicole’s services

Robert, Independent Social Worker – 2015

“I had my CPD log from HCPC returned twice, so I contacted Nicole.  She explained the CPD process and what is required; and she sent me a template she provides on her training; which I then used.  I returned my CPD log to HCPC and they’re now happy with it because I’ve now met all the standards. I want to thank Nicole for the help and advice given, because I was finding the task very stressful.”

Deepa, Student Psychologist – 2015

“Thank you so much for always getting back to me whenever I contacted you for advice.  You are a great advisor and you’ve really helped me in number of situations when I’ve been facing difficulties in regards to communication with Social Workers.  I am also very grateful to you for giving me great tips for interviews (child care based) and directing me to the right path when I was trying to seek some voluntary work alongside physiologists.”

Alina, Team Manager – Northamptonshire 2014

“Nicole’s work is of a high standard and she has been able to complete work in a timely manner. Nicole is committed to delivering a sound service and is focused on the needs of the child.”

Paul, Assistant Team Manager – Sutton Council 2013

“Nicole shows a high level of commitment to the families she is working with.  She goes into the family dynamics deeper than most workers and she’s able to uncover risk factors that may otherwise be missed.”

Robert, Team Manager – Windsor & Maidenhead Council 2013

“The standard of Nicole’s work is high. She is a bright and talented Social Worker, who is multi skilled.  Nicole is very adept in therapeutic skills.”

Sarah, Team Manager – Harrow Council 2013

“Nicole is a hard working, focused, driven and reflective practitioner.  Her commitment to completing a thorough and holistic assessment has often led her to discover key information that had been missed in previous assessments.”

Darlene, Deputy Team Manager – Hillingdon Council 2010

“Nicole is diligent and she takes pride in her responsibility for her work. She completes assessments to a high standard.”

Bob, Service Manager – Hounslow Council 2008

“Nicole is hard working, diligent and she’s a conscientious practitioner, where integrity and professionalism is very much what she is about.”

Rebecca, Manager – Family Assessment & Support Team 2003

“Nicole is reliable, flexible and her report writing is of an excellent standard.”

How Nicole builds relationships

Alina, Team Manager – Northamptonshire 2014

“Nicole has been supportive to her team and the management group. Nicole is a valued member of the team who’s colleagues would often go to for support and advice. Nicole always presents in a professional and confident manner.”

Roger, Service Manager – Kingston Council 2012

“Nicole has a very good working relationship with her colleagues and she’s able to build effective working relationships with the families she works with. She has the ability to test parents in a sensitive and non-judgemental manner and is able to emphasise with the difficulties they are facing.”

Mark, Senior Supervisor – Childline 2009

“Nicole has excellent counselling skills, using a combination of person centred and solution focused approaches. Nicole is able to work with empathy whilst maintaing an important regard for safeguarding issues. She has a healthy analytical thinking style and is equally able to work effectively individually or in groups, where she has an excellent understanding of group processes. I have found her to be warm while maintaining a professional approach.”

Elaine, Psychotherapist & Manager – Childline 2004

“Nicole is very child focused in her work and she managed difficult calls with integrity. She has a good understanding of the needs of young people and the skills to engage and facilitate discussions.”

Anna, Assistant Team Manager – Hounslow Council 2004

“Nicole has demonstrated that she has an empowering approach to her work, drawing on the client’s own strengths to affect change. She is able to adapt her style and techniques depending on the age and understanding of the person she is communicating with. Nicole strongly advocates the individual needs of her customers and actively challenges decisions, resource restrictions and services, which she feels discriminate against her clients and do not seek to promote their welfare. She takes her commitment to children and families she with works with seriously; and she has a good understanding of children’s needs. ”

Rebecca, Manager – Family Assessment & Support Team 2003

“Nicole sustains good working relationships with the children and families she works with; and she is committed to her work.”

What families say about Nicole

I.R, 2014

“The service could not be improved. I found Nicole clear and to the point. She came to see me in my office, which was very helpful.”

P.H, 2014

“The service was very good. I would use the service again. It was helpful talking to someone who is honest and understanding.”

A.J, 2014

“Dear Nicole. So petite but you’ve changed our lives in so many wonderful ways. I will miss you and wish you all the best.”

E.C, 2011

“Dear Nicole. We would like to thank you for all this time you have spent with us as a family and also individually. It has been a great pleasure for us to meet such a lovely and helpful person. We can not describe in words how much you have helped us and how thankful we are to you. Most of the stuff we have right now is thanks to you. You made our lives a lot easier. We all will really miss you greatly!”