One of our core beliefs at All About Families is that to successfully engage and meet the needs of individuals within our communities, the professionals working with them must be ethical, client centred and committed to self-development. We believe that this value is especially important when working with vulnerable adults, children or people in the midst of crisis.

With that in mind, we will be providing a range of short and full-online courses and workshops right here!  Professionals within the Legal, Health & Social Care, Social Work and Education sectors will benefit from our courses. If you are a professional who does not work in these sectors, don’t be put off! By developing your knowledge and understanding of these subjects, you too can make a difference in communities.

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We provide a range of short and full online courses; and we host two signature events

The All About Families Learning Portal will be launched in Spring 2019!
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Our signature course is for Social Workers who want to continue doing what they love without sacrificing work-life balance.  We teach them how to be independent.

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While you wait for enrolment to reopen, why not join us for an evening of fun networking?  It’s exclusive to Social Workers.  Details to follow, so stay tuned.

Here is a list of some of our other courses:
  • Community Ties
  • How play can help your child
  • Your family & money
  • Your child’s emotional development
  • Parenting happy children
  • Separated Families
  • Physical chastisement & the Law
  • Working with hard to reach families
  • Keeping your child safe in the community: Part 1 – Sexual Exploitation
  • Keeping your child safe in the community: Part 2 – Extremism
  • Direct work with children
  • Domestic Abuse: For Parents
  • Domestic Abuse: For Professionals
  • Domestic Abuse: Safety Planning
  • Safeguarding Series: Module 1 – The Law
  • Safeguarding Series: Module 2 – Classify and Identify
  • Becoming Independent: Social Workers

What next?
1.  Make a list of the courses you need.
2.  Call us to book training in a location of your choice, or take the online version.

Why learn with AAF?

Well, our courses:

  • Are practical
  • Can be completed in any location
  • Will be valuable CPD hours 
  • Can be learned at your own pace
  • Include a certificate
  • Are introductory and refresher level
  • Are interactive and challenging at each level
  • Will be fun and interactive to help you cement your knowledge
  • Discounted when you order more than two